SLAYED EDGES (Holds Hairline Up To 48 Hours)

SLAYED EDGES (Holds Hairline Up To 48 Hours)


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The Absolute Best Hairline Tamer in the World. Excellent for Natural or Chemically Treated Hair.  Awesome edge control to keep your edges tamed. Our Edge Control promotes growth and holds edges and hair firmly in place with a super holding power without flakiness. Leaves your edges looking healthier and shinier than before.

How to apply: Apply a quarter size amount of Edge Control with a small toothed comb or/and a small toothbrush. Smooth into hairline evenly. Direct hairline in desired direction. Hairline will stay in place for up to 48 hours. 

Before reapplying remove access product from hairline with a damp cloth.

“Self-Care Is The Best Care”

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